Team USA Gave Tiger Cold Shoulder After Victory

Following his win at the Tour Championship, Tiger Woods got a few high fives and hugs from his Ryder Cup teammates after he came off the 18th green, but as he said in his winner’s press conference, he was looking forward to a proper celebration with the boys after he was done going through the media rounds.

“Flying tonight with the guys, it’s going to be fun,” Woods said. “We’re going to sleep well.” 

But before the celebration on the flight was set to take place, U.S. captain, Jim Furyk, cooked up a plan of his own before Team USA boarded the flight to Paris.

Woods’ caddie, Joe LaCava laid out the scene during an interview with SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio.

“I ran into Jim Furyk and he says to me, ‘We were thinking about giving Tiger the cold shoulder like they do in baseball when the guy hits his first home run in the MLB.’” LaCava said. “He asked, ‘Do you think Tiger will be OK with that?’

“I was like, ‘Of course he would, Jimmy. He’s got a sense of humor; lighten up a little bit.’”

“Tiger shows up about a half-hour later and is looking for some high fives from everybody. No one’s giving him the time of day. No one’s even looking at him, they’re all in the room and they all have their backs to him.

“He’s looking at me like what’s going on, this is kinda weird. He’s not one of those guys who needs a lot of fanfare, but these are his boys. He’s looking for 11 guys to come running up and give him a big hug and it didn’t happen for about two minutes like they do in baseball. Then they all stood up and hugged him and gave him a nice ovation.

“It was a cool scene.”