The Pin Sheet – March 26, 2020

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Today’s Clubhouse Newsletter

What It’s Like To Be An Augusta National Caddie

Maybe it’s just the time of year, but as the weather warms up around most of the country, we’re conditioned to start turning our gaze towards Augusta National Golf Club. While the coronavirus pandemic has postponed the event, Golf Digest went ahead with their Masters preview article and began rolling out its stories online this week, which included a Caddie Confidential with a regular loop at ANGC.

As with anything that comes from behind the hallowed hedges, it’s an interesting read. Here’s one excerpt:

“There is an air of mystery to the National, yet when people find out what we do, two questions always come up: Have you caddied for anyone famous, and are the members jerks?” the caddie said, as told to GD’s Joel Beall. “I’ve carried for politicians, musicians, actors, athletes, more football coaches than I can remember. (If you work at a Power 5 school and haven’t been asked to the National, brother, you must be a horse’s ass.) As for the latter, absolutely not. I don’t know why people assume that; suppose that’s how we view the rich and connected. Fact is, I’ve worked at a handful of premier courses around the world, and folks who belong here are as respectful as they come. Maybe that’s why so many members are at the top of their profession: They know how to treat people.”

GMac’s Restaurant Facing Reality Of Shutdown 

While Graeme McDowell’s professional future on the golf course is merely on hold, another tentacle of his business life is on much shakier ground. As a founding member of the Nona Blue Modern Tavern, McDowell and his partners decided to shut down the restaurant completely during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We closed our doors because our model isn’t based on take-away food. We are a come-and-be-present restaurant. We had to take the tough decision to close the doors in both restaurants,” McDowell said during a conference call with reporters on Wednesday.

While workers will be compensated for the remainder of March, McDowell said he and his constituents are exploring other avenues for the extent of the shutdown.

“It gives me a real perspective from the working American’s point of view just how big this is financially. This is all over the world, right?” McDowell said. “We have two pretty successful restaurant businesses going, and now we have to close our doors, and it is going to be tough to keep them going for the next three months. That’s scary. It’s scary to see how quickly a business, all around the world, can be impacted by this.”

Poulter Ribs Harrington Over Old Endorsement

Padraig Harrington, one of golf’s beautiful minds, has used his extended time at home in Ireland to not only show off his incredible backyard practice facility, but also to use it as a means for instruction. 

Sending out a tip per day on his social media accounts, Harrington has shown why he has been one of the top players in the world for more than two decades, but one of his friends on Tour, Ian Poulter, couldn’t help but rib the 2020 Ryder Cup captain for an endorsement he had done previously with Swing Shirt.

“Be careful doing these swing tips,” Poulter tweeted. “It’s only a matter of time before this old beauty appears. Straight jacket Paddy.”

Golf Company Helping COVID-19 Efforts

Wisconsin-based Fairway & Greene is attempting to do its part to help medical workers with the shortage of personal protective equipment by transforming its factories from a clothing shop into medical mask creators.

“Over the last couple of weeks, we, along with everyone else, became aware of the nationwide shortage of vital hospital equipment, like surgical masks, and we further learned there is a particular shortage in Wisconsin where our facility is located,” a statement on the company’s website read. “It then occurred to us that we are particularly good at designing and creating performance apparel – which is essentially what a surgical mask is – and that we might be able to help address the growing scarcity of these protective masks.

“Over the course of just a few days our Creative Director developed our first prototype using a disassembled polo, and we are now working on obtaining the necessary approvals through the local Office of Emergency Management. In order to expedite the process, we are initially using existing inventory as a resource for fabric to prevent delays associated with sourcing of new materials which we have also ordered. Our goal for the next couple of days is to finalize an approved prototype(s) and begin to scale production in order to assist local hospitals in Wisconsin.”