Pieters Fumes During 500-Ball Chase For The Ace

It doesn’t matter how many times the European Tour trots out on of these “Chase the Ace” videos, every time they deliver even if there isn’t a hole-in-one.

In their latest iteration, the social media team at the Euro Tour enlisted the skills and commentary of Belgian bomber Thomas Pieters. Notoriously known for his short temper, Pieters gave a day’s worth of internal monologue in a six-minute video.

Perhaps what makes Pieters video so much fun to watch is how relatable his slow creep to madness is. Golfers of every skill level have had the day at the course when they’ve told themselves, “No matter what happens, I’m not going to get upset.” Pieters made that call the night before when talking the producers.

“It’s going to be like a mental exercise for me, I think,” Pieters said. “This year I’ve been incredible at staying calm, but I’m a bit scared.”

The stakes were the same as they have been for competitors in the past: shortish par-3 (165 yards) and 500 golf balls. Can you hit a hole in one?

If you don’t have the full 6:25 to watch the video — first, bookmark it to watch later — here’s a pictorial of Pieters’ march into the bowels of frustration.