Tiger And Mentee Combine Coding And Green Reading

When do we know Tiger Woods is officially back? When he’s willing putts into the hole.

That’s exactly what he was doing — with a little computer coding help from one of his mentees at the TGR Learning Lab earlier this week. On-site at Pebble Beach Golf Links for the Tiger Woods Invitational, Woods and one of the students from his foundation took to the greens to combine one thing each of them are good at.

For the mentee, it was computer coding, and for Woods, it was putting. With putter in hand, Tiger picked a spot to let the robotic ball start while the mentee, with tablet in hand, sent the commands to the ball. 

The end result? As Woods put it, “See? Part science, part art.” 

The reaction was priceless. Woods, who’s made virtually every big putt there is to make, was equally excited when the robotic ball trickled in the side door, letting out an enthusiastic ‘yes!’ with fists airborne, eventually embracing the mentee in a moment of jubilation.

Who needs green-reading books when you have computer programming?