Tiger Effect Reaches Rafael Nadal In Canada

As if the reach of the Tiger Woods Effect needed another barometer by which to be measured, you can count world No. 1-ranked tennis star to the list of interested parties. Among those already enthralled by the 14-time major champion’s quest for No. 5 included 28-time Olympic medal winner Michael Phelps as well as the 8.5 million people who tuned in to watch the final round of the PGA Championship

Competing in the Rogers Cup final in Montreal on Sunday afternoon, immediately after dispatching Stefanos Tsitsipas 6-2, 7-4, Nadal headed to his chair and immediately pulled out his phone.

Checking messages? No.

“I had to see what Tiger’s doing.”

Tiger and Nadal’s friendship has grown over the years as the two superstars of their respective sports have traveled around the globe to watch one another compete.