Tiger, Phil Practice For Augusta With Crazy Backyard Greens

Being a generational talent in the world of golf has treated Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson well, especially when it comes to preparing for the first major championship of the year. 

While most members of the Masters field will have to wait until next week to get acclimated to the turf conditions at Augusta National, Tiger and Phil have the luxury of stepping outside of their back door to prep for next week’s tournament.

In two separate videos, the superstars shared their practice prep with the world via social media.

“A lot of practicing my putting, short game, getting the speed down and really trying to play arcing break and literally just trying to hit the highest point possible to fall in the front lip, because you have putts there. I’ve had 10 footers that break eight feet. So it’s just seeing lines that you don’t normally see,” Woods told GolfTV’s Henni Zuel. 

“It’s just trying to get your mind around that idea, that lanes of the options you have to hit your putt vary so much, there’s a low line and an extreme high line, and that’s the creativity and why the good putters really love playing there.”

“Some years I’ve gone there where the greens at Augusta seem slow, because we’ve had the greens so much faster at home. But we don’t have the slope that Augusta has.”

Not to be outdone, Mickelson shared a video from his own backyard practice facility in which he claims one of his greens is stimping at “15.6 or 16.”