Tiger Slams Phil With Perfect Trash Talk

Less than a week from “The Match,” Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson’s $9 million winner-take-all exhibitions on November 23, Woods joined TNT’s Inside the NBA to do some pre-event press and in the process, may have given the best soundbite of the entire year.

It’s no surprise — and has been well documented by Mickelson himself — that whenever the trash talk gets going between the two rivals, Woods always holds the ultimate trump card: his litany of accomplishments.

However, in speaking with Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal on Thursday night, Woods dug deeper than simply calling out “scoreboard”; he went psychological on Phil.

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Johnson, who will be on the broadcast team for The Match on Black Friday, set up Woods expertly by asking, “Can you get in Phil Mickleson’s head?”

Tiger responded perfectly.

“Well, I’ve been in Phil’s head for 20-some-odd years,” Woods said.

The entire conversation with the Inside the NBA crew was entertaining as well with Kenny and Shaq asking solid questions about Woods’ legacy and his future, but naturally, Barkley was the one to take the conversation to other places.

Barkley questioned Woods’ stubbornness when it comes to his hair, ultimately asking whether or not Woods would ever shave his head and stop “holding on for dear life.”

The Match will be broadcast on pay-per-view on Friday, Nov. 23 with the pre-match festivities kicking off at 1 p.m. The first shot between Woods and Mickelson is slated to be struck at 3 p.m.