Police Release Tiger Woods Breathalyzer Footage


The sad story of Tiger Woods drags on as more information continues to be made public regarding the 14-time major winner’s Memorial Day DUI arrest. On Friday, the Jupiter Police Department released footage of Woods’ breathalyzer test while he was in custody soon after his arrest. 

According to a Golfweek report, in the footage, Woods appears to be disoriented and at one point looks to have fallen asleep while sitting in a chair. He is then instructed to take a breathalyzer test, a task he seems to struggle with but does eventually complete. He blows a 0.00.


The saga started early Monday morning when reports came out that the 41-year-old Woods was arrested and charged with DUI. Then on Tuesday, the official police report was released to the public revealing that Woods was “asleep at the wheel” when authorities found him. On Wednesday, dashcam footage was released by the Jupiter Police Department. Woods is scheduled to be arraigned July 5 in Palm Beach County Court.



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