Tiger Woods In Favor Of Letting Pros Wear Shorts In Tour Events

Golf is a game played outside, and for the most part, the top Tours and players in the world are fortunate enough to chase the sun around the world to play in both the most favorable and hot weather. It’s one of the perks of the gig. 


However, some of that unbelievably good weather can be accompanied by some pretty brutal heat. While that nice sunshine can be seen as a perk, most of the major Tours in the world require that the players wear pants. While there has been some relaxation on those rules in recent years — players on the European Tour are permitted to wear shorts during practice round days, likewise players at the PGA Championship — the four most grueling days of the week are experienced in long pants.


Could that tradition be changing? If it does, count Tiger Woods among those who’s in favor of it. 

Speaking with Bridgestone Golf during a Facebook Live, which can be seen in its entirety at the top of this post, Woods voiced his feelings and reasoning for preferring that pros can wear shorts, despite a physical insecurity he feels.

“I would love it,” Woods said. “We play in some of the hottest climates on the planet. We usually travel with the sun, and a lot of our events are played in the summer, and then on top of that when we have the winter months here a lot of the guys go down to South Africa and Australia where it’s summer down there.

“Also, a lot of the tournaments are based right around the equator so we play in some of the hottest places on the planet. It would be nice to wear shorts. Even with my little chicken legs, I still would like to wear shorts.”