Tiger Woods Mocks Peyton Manning’s TrackMan Numbers

Wednesday turned out to be a pretty memorable day at the Memorial Tournament. Spectators were not only treated to the best players in the world strolling around the house that Jack Nicklaus, but the marquee pro-am grouping of Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods didn’t disappoint.


As tends to be the case at these PGA Tour pro-ams, the Tour had set up a TrackMan launch monitor on a few of the tees, which allowed the world to see the impressive — or unimpressive, depending on who you ask — numbers that the amateurs put up. 

Manning, who is 6’5″ and 230 lbs., makes a good move at the ball and plays off of a 4.6 handicap, however even the power and distance a future Hall of Fame quarterback creates on the golf course pales in comparison to the PGA Tour averages.


TrackMan recorded Manning hitting a driver 283.5 yards, with a 107 mph clubhead speed and a 160 mph ball speed, which is pretty impressive unless you’re Tiger Woods, who took the opportunity to give his pro-am partner some grief, calling his performance “2-iron numbers.”

Woods and Manning played in a pro-am for the fourth time on Wednesday and have been able to share a kinship throughout the professional careers thanks to some pretty interesting parallels as it pertains to their respective health. 


The highlight of Tiger’s day came on the par-3 8th hole where Woods missed the green with his tee shot, but found the cup thanks to a brilliant mini-flop from a downhill lie.

Woods tees off on Thursday alongside Jason Dufner and Justin Rose at 8:26 a.m.