Tiger Woods Practicing For Masters With Special Backyard “Augusta” Green

For all of the privacy and scrutiny that surrounds him, there are more than a few things that make life pretty good for Tiger Woods. 

Aside from the fame, fortune and talent, Tiger Woods has a pretty awesome home and backyard, which is making his preparation for next week’s Masters tournament more realistic than practically everyone else not on the grounds at Augusta National Golf Club.


Right outside his backdoor, Tiger has four different putting greens each with its own regional design — Florida, Northeast, California and Augusta National, according to Ryan Lavner of GolfChannel.com

As if that wasn’t cool enough, how about this for a kicker? The guy who maintains the greens is a former superintendent who worked on the grounds crew at Augusta National. 

“At different points throughout the year, he’ll focus on one or two of those types of greens, and he’s trying to hit certain shots,” Begay said, according to GolfChannel.com. “The Augusta green is a little elevated, with sharp aprons, a deep bunker, and it’s always the fastest green in the facility. It’s firm, and they mow the aprons around them extremely tight. That way, when he gets to Augusta, it feels extremely normal for him.

“He has some of the most pristine conditions that you will find in all of Florida, right outside of his sliding door.”

The one difference is that the bentgrass that is present at Augusta National cannot be exactly replicated at Woods’ Jupiter home because that strain of grass can’t handle the Florida heat. Instead, his “Augusta” green features bermudagrass.


Next week will be Woods’ first Masters since 2015 when he finished tied for 17th after the memorable shot that struck the flagstick on No. 15 and caromed back into the water during the second round. 


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