Tiger’s Meticulous And Specific Superstitions

Professional golfers are creatures of habit, but they’re also more than a little bit superstitious. 

We’ve long heard stories about players who only play certain numbered golf balls or must tee off with a certain type of tee, so it should come as no surprise that Tiger Woods is among the most meticulous and specific when it comes to his preparation and superstitions.

Speaking with GolfTV’s Henni Zuel ahead of Monday’s Celebrity Cup at The Genesis Open, Tiger and Fred Couple discussed everything from their friendship to their phobias to their respective superstitions.

While both Tiger and Fred weren’t too keen on some of the multi-legged friends that traipse around golf courses, both admitted to having some pretty specific superstitions.

“In golf, I used to use a 1967 penny, and I lost it and I literally lost my mind,” Couples said. “Silly stuff.”

Woods then jumped in with his uber-meticulous checklist of must-haves. 

“My daughter asked me this maybe about two-three months ago, if I’m superstitious, and I said, ‘well, I guess I am,’ or maybe I’m a creature of habit,” he said. “I always carry a 1932 quarter — that’s the year my dad was born. He taught me how to putt, so my dad’s always there with me when I play.

“I always carry three tees in my right pocket. If I have a yardage book, it always goes into my back-right pocket. But if I just have a pin sheet, it’s always in my front-left pocket. I always carry chapstick in my front-left pocket and I always carry my glove in my back-left pocket.”

Yeah, you could say Tiger’s a little superstitious. Are you? Let us know what your golf-specific superstitions are in the comments below.