Titleist Challenges Pros With Club Spin Challenge

The PGA Tour hangs its hat on its “these guys are good” tagline, and the guys on the course routinely back that up. However, the stories that come out of casual rounds these pros play in their time off is where you really understand how insanely talented they are.

Titleist wanted to give us an idea of just how good their brand ambassadors and ball loyalists are, so they had a handful of them play closest to the pin from 88 yards… with a twist. A game show wheel was on hand to force the Tour pros’ hand into playing the shot with a random club, and the results were incredibly impressive. 

We also got to see a little bit of personality from the guys, including a tidbit from Jason Dufner that he plays guys at his home course in Alabama only using his 5-iron.

The Tour is right; these guys are good.


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