Brady Shuts Up Barkley’s Trash Talk With Hole Out

Tom Brady has had an incredible sporting life full of MVPs and Super Bowls, but what he did on Sunday during The Match: Champions For Charity might rank up there with some of his greatest accomplishments on the gridiron.

After Brady had played positively atrocious golf through the first six holes at The Medalist Club in Hobe Sound, Florida, commentator and Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley started chirping in the six-time Super Bowl champion’s ear. 

With Brady struggling at the start, Barkley was able to talk some trash and even felt confident enough to challenge Brady to a match with Barkley giving the shots.

“Come on, man, I’m going to give you some shots,” Barkley said via Brady’s earpiece. “I want some of you.”

“It’ll turn on,” Brady said of his game. “Don’t worry. It ain’t over yet.” 

In the fairway lying three, Brady did the unthinkable: he holed his birdie shot approach.

“Chuck, shut your mouth,” Brady said. “Take a suck of that, Chuck, Take a load of that medicine. Get your butt out of here. That’s what I needed.”

Of course, golf has a way of humbling people. Even having risen to the smack-talk occasion, Brady was immediately humbled upon reaching the green. When he went to pick his ball out of the hole, his pants split.

The Brady hole-out was only one of the many highlights to come from The Match II, but the Tampa Bay quarterback and his teammate, Phil Mickelson, weren’t able to overcome their slow start, losing to Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning 1-up.