HL4 Line Provides Golf’s “Best Bang For Your Buck”

Tour Edge, a small golf company from a town just outside of Chicago, is making waves in the golf world with their newest launch of the HL4 series of clubs. The HL4 series has been called “the best bang for your buck” in golf, featuring the latest innovation in a game improvement performance-oriented line of clubs.

David Glod, founder of Tour Edge, spoke about the most recent innovations in golf clubs. 

“The leading factor in hollow club improvement comes from new methods to make steel investment casting walls and forged faces thinner than ever, whether its drivers, fairways or hybrids,” Glod said. “These advances as well as multi-material combinations allow us to manipulate (center of gravity) locations and face rebound like never before.”

The new launch includes a complete lineup from drivers to irons, with the standouts being the hybrid and iron-woods. The iron-woods feature a redesigned shape to help players feel more confident at address, as well as a super-thin forged face for a powerful launch, a hollow hyper-steel body that maximizes stability so every shot is powerful and accurate, and a rear Inverted Crown lowers the CG for high launch.

The hybrids feature a thinner and lighter Forged Steel Crown for faster clubhead speed, and high-launching shallow face/high toe design for higher launch.

Glod notes a few key strategies that help Tour Edge stand out in a crowded marketplace. “We have really moved the needle with our new marketing team whether it’s social media, print, radio or TV,” he said. “Our staff has done an excellent job balancing the approach and getting the buzz going!”

Tour Edge and Glod focus on marketing the message that every golfer should get getting custom fit, and that it is especially mid to high handicap players who have the most to gain by getting fit.

“Our goal is to open the flood gates on custom fitting and HL4 has proven to be the perfect product to accomplish this goal with its advanced technology, top-tier performance and amazing price structure,” Tour Edge Vice President of Marketing Jon Claffey said.

The HL4 series launched August 1, 2019 and can be found online or at one of the 750 Tour Edge-certified fitters nationwide.