Pro Lyle “No Longer Able To Fight” Leukemia

The world of professional golf was rocked on Tuesday by a social media post to Australian PGA Tour pro Jarrod Lyle’s profile detailing the decision made by Lyle, his family and doctors to no longer continue treatment to fight acute myeloid leukemia. 

“This will be the final post on Jarrod’s page,” the post read. “Earlier today we started palliative care for him as his body is no longer able to fight. We will take him closer to home to be near his girls. He has put up a courageous fight and he is surrounded by love.”

Palliative care is defined as relieving pain without dealing with the cause of the condition.

Lyle had fended off the disease twice, but was diagnosed with leukemia for the third time last year. Lyle underwent a haploidentical transplant and stem cell therapy late in 2017, but his recovery was derailed by an illness that cost him his vision.

Lyle’s bouts with cancer began in his teenage years, but he was able to prevail and go on to play professionally. He won twice on the Tour in 2008 and bounced between the Web and PGA Tours over the next three years before his cancer returned in 2012.

Once again, Lyle bested the disease and returned to the Tour in 2014, but was unable to meet the requirements of his medical exemption. He returned to Australia to compete and work as a television analyst before he was diagnosed for the third time in July of 2017. 

Many inside and outside the golf world shared their sympathy, shock and admiration on social media on Tuesday