Tour Pro Mattiace Gives Hilarious Instruction On Hitting From Mud

The pros are so good because they put in the time on the practice range, on the putting green and in the gym. However, what happens when pros find themselves in situations that are difficult to replicate during practice?


If you’re willing to buy into what two-time PGA Tour winner Len Mattiace, there is no such thing as a situation that can’t be worked on. Mattiace took to social media this week to explain a unique shot type: a ball in the water or mud.


“How many times have we seen this where the ball just kind of creeps off to the side and it goes into the water?” Mattiace asked rhetorically. “When do you hit the ball or when is it necessary to take a drop?”

Mattiace explained how he goes about judging the lie and weighing the possibilities of the outcomes, but not before offering some very valuable advice. 

“First of all, look for any alligators. Look for the eyes or look for the big snout,” he said. “If you see alligators or snakes in the water, do not go into the water.”

Ironically, despite being covered head-to-toe in mud, Mattiace offered some legitimate advice saying that if the ball is completely submerged, it’s not worth attempting to play, but if you can see a majority of the ball above the water or mud, you can likely play it out by hitting it similar to a bunker shot.

So, the next time you’re considering playing a shot from a water hazard, remember what 2007 Masters runner-up Len Mattiace had to say, but more importantly, remember how he looked after playing those shots and then make your decision.