U.S. Team Member Blasts Reed For Pairings Comments

While Europe continues to celebrate their lopsided Ryder Cup victory, the United States side continues to participate in in-fighting — both literally and figuratively — in the aftermath of the biennial matches.

Both Patrick Reed and his wife, Justine, spoke out about their feelings on the decision-making process, specifically calling out captain Jim Furyk and teammate Jordan Spieth, but now an unnamed U.S. team source is rebuffing Reed’s complaints about being “blindsided” by not playing with Spieth during the three-day event.

While Spieth avoided a question about the pairing during the post-Cup press conference, Reed made his feelings known when contacted by a reporter later in the evening.

Reed Rips Furyk, Spieth For Pairing Decisions

“The issue’s obviously with Jordan not wanting to play with me,” Reed told The New York Times on Sunday. “I don’t have any issue with Jordan. When it comes right down to it, I don’t care if I like the person I’m paired with or if the person likes me as long as it works and it sets up the team for success. He and I know how to make each other better. We know how to get the job done.”

With news of Reed’s comments infiltrating the U.S. team room, some shots were levied at Reed once the U.S. team’s charter flight landed in Atlanta on Monday.

“He is so full of s–t,” the source told The New York Post‘s Mark Cannizzaro on Monday. “Blindsided my ass. He begged to play with Tiger (Woods).

Reed’s Wife Fends Off Husband’s Detractors

The source was described as a “non-playing member of the U.S. team who was in the team room all week and had intimate knowledge of the goings-on.”

“I watched every shot he hit, and he would have shot 83 on his own ball Saturday,’’ the source said. “He totally screwed Tiger. He has no clue how to play team golf. I saw firsthand how bad of a team player he was. Eleven players understood the concept of team golf and only one didn’t. Unfortunately, that one proved to be too costly for the team to overcome.

“I feel so bad for Jim, because he was an unreal captain.”