Videos Of Anthony Kim Hitting Balls Surface

Few things get golf fans buzzing like a Tiger Woods victory or a Ryder Cup. Fortunately for golf fans, both of those things have come to fruition this week.

One of the few other things that causes golf fans to lose their minds in a similar fashion is the prospect of an Anthony Kim return. On Tuesday, a video made the rounds on Instagram, posted by James Ridyard, that got people fired up. It was AK working on the range. 

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Alas, after garnering incredible attention on social media, Ridyard clarified that the swing was from two years ago and that he was simply sharing it because “it’s just a sick golf swing.”

A few hours later, however, LPGA Tour pro Jane Park put up a post of her own showing the same silky swing of the one and only Kim. 

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There was no clarification from Park as to when the video was shot.

Kim hasn’t been seen on a competitive golf course since 2012 when an injury sidelined him.’s Alan Shipnuck reported in 2014 that Kim is collecting a hefty insurance policy — believed to be worth $10 million, tax-free, if not more — so long as he never takes another swing on the PGA Tour. 

Kim is 33 years old and would have status under a major medical exemption should he return the PGA Tour, but his first event back would void his insurance policy.