Walker Posts Hunting Photo, Inevitably Angers Many

Jimmy Walker is a man of many talents. We all know the reigning PGA champion can golf his ball, and if you didn’t know, he’s also got a knack for capturing the universe with a camera. Apparently, he also enjoys hunting and it appears he may have a pretty good shot.

A few days ago, Walker posted this picture on Instagram, which was not received well by some. While we are sure his intentions were good, let’s remember we are dealing with the internet.


Good hunt today with my Ole’Man and @cpercy44 today!!! Really a great day and better company. @texas_hunt_lodge

A photo posted by Jimmy Walker (@jimmywalkerpga) on

Some of the highlights included:

Blessedblue: Had respect for you. Now you’ve shown your true colours. Bye bye.

jf7_ni: Im not a vegetarian and do eat meat but hunting animals as a sport is unacceptable, especially then flaunting it through your public celebrity profile. Terrible photo. So sad. There’s just no need for this.

virtualvox: Negligible, man! Your picture is awful.

naddy1: All respect for this man is gone. Very disappointed then to post a picture. Made me feel sick .. unfollow

Matt___golf: Shocking….should be ashamed of yourself.

Walker handled the pushback like a true pro. This is how it’s done:

jimmywalkerpga: Thanks for all the great comments and to those who don’t agree I totally get it. Coming on a public feed and swearing up a storm at me is not cool. I applaud the people who just say unfollow even more the people who just leave. This is me and if you don’t like this small part of a big picture then by all means feel free to leave.

[h.t The Mirror]


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