Watch: Hilarious Tom Watson/Caddie Exchange

Professional player/caddie conversations on the golf course are the best, especially when there’s a microphone next to them.

It’s raw, uncut dialogue between 2 people trying to accomplish one goal, which can either make for the most insightful part of a golf broadcast, or the most hilarious.

Tom Watson and his caddie, Neil Oxman, were caught in their own mini-Seinfeld episode trying to figure out a yardage on the 3rd hole during round 3 of this year’s U.S. Senior Open contested at Scioto Country Club in Upper Arlington, Ohio.

Several math equations later, Mr. Watson hit the green…but was still a little long.

As you can imagine, he was less than pleased with the whole exchange. We’re supposed to be pros out here!

[H/T Golf Digest]


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