Watch: John Daly Talks Golfing With Trump, Clinton

Last night, Donald Trump was elected as the next president of the United States. Whether John Daly’s endorsement helped or not remains to be seen. Earlier this week, Long John went on the Rich Eisen Show to discuss playing golf with Mr. Trump and former president Bill Clinton. As you can imagine, the stories were ridiculous. 

“[Donald] hits it good,” said Daly. “He’s a decent player. [Clinton], that’s Mr. Mulligan right there. If he doesn’t like the shot, he just throws another one down and hits it. [He says] ‘I’m just out here practicing.’ There’s a range for that.

“Donald will actually finish a hole and write his score down. Bill will not even finish a hole and write a score down. You can’t hit seven shots and say it was a par!”


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