Web.com Tour Pro Misses Card, Snaps Putter


Golf at the highest level can be portrayed and is widely assumed to be a walk in the park; talented men and women playing a game that most people try to sneak away from their everyday lives to play.

However, on the back end of the PGA Tour and especially on the Web.com Tour, the stark reality of grinding for the opportunity to attempt to live in that lap of luxury is a completely different story. No better example of that fact occurs than the last few weeks of the golf season each year. 

Whether we’re talking about the Web.com’s regular season The 25 Money List (the top-25 earn PGA Tour cards) or the Web.com Tour Finals, a four-event series that guarantees 25 more PGA Tour cards, the pressure is ratcheted up to 11 and the strokes are more significant than ever.

You don’t need to tell that to Matt Harmon.


Harmon finished in 39th place on the regular-season The 25 Money List, making just shy of $100,000. Playing in the four-event Web.com Tour Finals, Harmon entered the final round of the Tour Championship in 16th place.

Through 16 holes, Harmon was 2-under par for his round and had a three-footer left for birdie on the 17th hole. He missed the putt and would go on to three-putt the 18th green, dropping him eight spots on the leaderboard and from earning status on the PGA Tour. 

His frustration boiled over behind the 18th green as he snapped his putter in disgust. Golf can be a cruel, cruel game. 



— — — 

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