Westwood Torches Instagram Account

Lee Westwood is making his return to the European Tour this week at the D+D Real Czech Masters after taking a month and a half off following a bizarre injury sustained at the French Open last month. 

“I was talking to (playing partner) Richard Sterne’s caddie and not looking where I was going,” Westwood told Sky Sports. “I slipped on wooden sleepers down the side of the cart path. My left foot went forward about two feet and my right foot stayed where it was. It left like I strained something at the top of my right leg and tweaked my right knee as well. I didn’t really have much confidence in it and as the round went on I just kept stretching my groin out.”

However, before making his return, Westwood let off some steam in the comments of the Instagram account, @PGAMemes. The account shared a picture of Westwood along with fellow Englishman Luke Donald and a Photoshopped Tiger Woods with the caption “Wow! 14 major championships in one picture!”


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Westwood, never one to shy away from controversy on social media, let the owners of the page have it, using some colorful language. 

“Let’s just analyse this another way,” Westwood wrote. “2 former world number 1s living the dream being trolled by some bloke with a little (expletive) sat in his mum’s basement on his computer. Being commented on by a load of other blocks with little (expletives) that have probably never broken 90! Let’s just let that sink in for a minute.”

Let that be a lesson to anyone out there wanting to give it to Lee Westwood. He’ll probably see it and he’ll probably respond, so take your shots wisely.