Why Bubba Wore A Glove To His Press Conference

Bubba Watson can be a hard cookie to crack sometimes. The Bagdad, Florida native has confounded journalists, fans and fellow players alike during his 17 years as a Tour pro, and on Wednesday he only continued his enigmatic career by purposely wearing a bright blue golf glove into the media center for his Ryder Cup press conference.

The very first question of his interview from the assembled press touched on the odd inclusion of the glove with a GolfChannel.com’s Tim Rosaforte asking, “Is the glove because you’ve got some sort of sinus infection going?” a reference to Watson being a bit under the weather the week prior.

“Every time we have a team event, there’s people that you’ve got to say so many words or you’ve got to do something, we’ll say, dumb,” Watson explained. “So I said I’ve got to wear my glove the whole interview, so I’m doing it.”

“There’s no bet (going on). Got to have something to do. Golf gets boring after awhile. Like Justin (Thomas) said, it’s a long year, we’re all tired. You can tell, my voice, I’m exhausted. 

“Just being dumb with the team. It’s like there’s a certain guy, I’m not going to say who, had to say certain words in their interviews; who knows if they said them.”

Naturally, when Watson pulls back the curtain and intimates there may be a Super Troopers word game afoot, the media went asking his teammates.

As it turns out, Bubba might be the only one playing. Jordan Spieth was the fourth and final member of Team USA in the interview room and he either genuinely had no clue what Watson was talking about or played a really good straight man. 

“I don’t even know anything about it,” Spieth said. “(Bubba) just was in the locker room and said, ‘I think I’m going to wear my glove in media.’ Is there something else?”

Asked if he’s not on message, Spieth replied, “My agent is not even in Europe, so I’ve got nobody in my ear. I have Zach Johnson in my ear. That’s about it.”

The enigma of Bubba Watson remains unsolved.