Wild Rules Infraction Leads To Mini-Tour Pro’s DQ

Despite what a lot of fans think, professional golf isn’t all courtesy cars and private jets.

The vast majority of golf’s upper echelon is made up of carpet-bagging mini-tour pros hoping to scrounge up enough money and status to climb the ladder towards the PGA Tour, which means every week is important, and none more so than those when a player’s game is in form with a solid payout on the line.

Brett White, a Houston-based mini-tour player, was in line to make a good check at the Colbert Charity Classic on the All Pro Tour. The former Eastern Michigan stalwart has had his share of adversity in life, including fighting back from a life-threatening brain infection in 2017, so he’s more than equipped to handle the brutal conclusion of Sunday’s event.

White entered the final round at Colbert Hills in Manhattan, Kan., four shots back, but in the final grouping with Hayden Wood, the 54-hole leader, and Zach Bachou, who was two strokes back. A paycheck of $23,000 was set for the winner.

White’s playing partners noticed something was off with his rangefinder on the third hole: the slope function was turned on, which is illegal in tournament play.

Ryan French of The Fire Pit Collective first reported what happened.

White confirmed the report shortly thereafter, saying he had not noticed the slope function was flipped on, meaning he had used it for multiple shots, which results in disqualification under Rule 4.3.

“Due to multiple accidental breaches of Rule 4.3a(1), measuring elevation changes from a distance measuring device, Brett White was disqualified from the Colbert Charity Classic during play of the final round,” the All Pro Tour tweeted on Sunday.

White’s playing partner Wood would go on to win the event and the $23k while Kyle Gaines finished second, earning $9,700, and Matt Cole and Austin Jordan tied for third and earned $5,625 each.