English Cricketer Rips Tour Pro’s Slow Play


If there is one issue on the PGA Tour that grinds everybody’s gears, it’s slow play. There’s no reason for the best players in the world to ever have to play six-hour rounds and be backed up on every tee box. Actually, that sounds more like a typical day at the local muni. While measures have been taken to speed it up, such as handing out time warnings (as if they help…), slow play has continuously been an epidemic on the professional tours. 

If we really want to speed it up, then putting routines like this need to addressed immediately. Last week during the WGC-Dell Match Play, Will McGirt was up two against Andy Sullivan when he had this putt to halve the hole and ultimately make the match dormie with two to play. While we understand the importance of the putt, the amount of time it took to strike it was absurd, as pointed out with commentary by England star cricketer Kevin Pietersen:


Come on man. While we’re young! 


— — —

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