Yes, Bryson DeChambeau Is Putting Side-Saddle

Bryson DeChambeau is no stranger when it comes to being unconventional. Whether it be his single length irons or his scientific approach to the game, he’s always done things differently since making his breakthrough on the PGA Tour. Now, it’s time to add side-saddle putting to the Mad Scientist’s list.

This unsual stroke requires the golfer to stand next to the ball facing the cup. Then in a simple motion, the putter is taken straight back and through ensuring the most direct path to the target. The legendary Slammin’ Sam Sneed used to putt this way, however his original croquet method was banned by the USGA as he used to straddle the line. The actual stroke itself is still perfectly legal. 

We should also note this method isn’t technically new for Bryson. In fact, he used it during the summer of 2013 en route to winning the prestigious Trans-Mississippi Amateur. If all goes well, he plans to use it at this week’s Franklin Templeton Shootout in Naples, Florida.


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