Alexandra Resort: Affordable Golf Getaway

It’s that time of year again. Winter is finally coming to an end, sort of, and if you live in New England like I do, golf season is so close, yet so far away. It’s like when cartoon characters chase after a carrot tied to a string. Just when it feels like the weather is going to cooperate, another snow storm pisses on your dreams. That’s what being a golfer in New England is like. 

Thankfully, places like the Alexandra Resort understand the agony I’m referring to. Their new vacation package offers a discounted price of $125 for 18 holes at Provo Golf Club. For just 20 more bucks you can get the Eat-Golf Package that includes breakfast, 18 holes with a cart, and a presumably needed massage at the spa. 

I’m sitting here writing this looking out the window at 8 inches of snow and it just hit me that I’m sincerely upset. On one hand, I could probably just book a cheap flight to Myrtle Beach and make a nice weekend links trip out of it. But what really upsets me is the fact that I need to travel to play golf. I deserve to be able to play golf 12 months a year, every year. We all do. 

Book your golf getaway here: The Alexandra Resort and Spa Vacation Packages