The After-Golf Party:~Phoenix’s Best Restaurants & Nightlife

For everything that sucks about traveling — airport security, lost luggage, jet lag — there are two things that I think we can all agree are awesome about jet-setting: good food and great parties. For the troopers out there that are making their way to the Phoenix area this week, here are a couple local spots that will more than satisfy any spectator after a long day of walking the course.

For my fellow Italians: Pizzeria Bianco – 623 East Adams Street, Phoenix, Ariz. – Menu


I took one look at that menu and almost bought a ticket to Phoenix immediately. Granted, I may be just a biased Italian but, there’s nothing like some great, authentic Italian pizza after a long day. Bianco keeps it simple with just six pizzas and a few traditional Italian antipastos but, with a 26/30 rating from Zagat, you can be sure that this place is legit. In addition to the Pizzeria location, Bianco has three other Italian spots in Phoenix. Check out their website for all the menus Bianco has to offer. Mangia!

For the Best Local Cuisine: Kai Restaurant – 5594 West Wild Horse Pass Blvd – Chandler, Ariz. Menu


Take a visit to the Kai website and you will be instantly intrigued by this place. With an assortment of options that are unique to the area, Kai is the type of place where you need to be willing to try new things. From local Buffalo tenderloin to “Saffron Poached Spanish Turbot,” this place has some stuff that I personally have never even heard of. While the menu might scare off some folks, keep in mind that Kai is the only restaurant in Arizona to receive five stars and diamonds in terms of reviews. A 29/30 from Zagat is basically unheard as well. So, take the leap of faith and indulge in some of the best, most unique food you will ever have the opportunity to enjoy.

For the Young Partier: Copper Blues – 50 West Jefferson Street, Phoenix, AZ

Copper Blues

For the younger crowd that is much more concerned with $3 beers than $50 steaks, Copper Blues is the perfect spot. With live music going down on a nightly basis, the atmosphere is conducive to both the beer-drinkers and the dance-clubbers. Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Blues is an easy walk to a bunch of other local watering holes so, if I’m wrong and it sucks, you can hit up a few other places. Regardless, it’s location and atmosphere makes Copper Blues a very enticing spot for the 25-and-under crew.

For the Stressed Traveler: Alvadora Spa at the Palms Resort – 5200 East Camelback Road, Phoenix


Like I said before, traveling can suck. And, other than food and booze, sometimes the only thing that can ease the pain is a relaxing day at the spa. Alvadora at the Palms has been rated the No. 1 spa and resort in Arizona by Travel and Leisure and, with its convenient location, it’s really a no-brainer if you need some stress relief. Offering everything from a quick massage to all-day experiences, overnight and weekend stays in their plush villas, it’s easy to see why Alvadora has received such universal acclaim. If the heat and humidity take too much of a toll on you, be sure to hit up Alvadora for some quality treatment.