9 Cold Weather Golfing Tips <br/>(Part 2)

Winter golf may not be a weekly thing in the U.S. – depending on where you live, of course – but where you’re shoveling the driveway one week, you could be on the golf course the next. You’ve got to fight for your right to tee off.

Unless you reside in Phoenix or Miami, we’re not saying it’s going to be especially warm when you hit the links during the winter months. But you can stay warm and actually play a decent round by following some of these tips:

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Red wine

Then again, alcohol does dilate your blood vessels and keep your body warm. So spike that cocoa or sip some red wine. Seriously. We know wine’s not your typical on-course beverage, but playing in the cold is not your typical golf outing. Miguel Angel Jimenez might have some suggestions for you.

Miguel Angel Jimenez wine

Softer ball
Cold temperatures make everything harder – your clubs and golf balls included. So use a softer ball, like a TaylorMade Noodle, which can help soften the sting that may come with a mishit.

Club up
Cold air also means denser air. No matter what ball you use, it’s not going to travel as far as it would on a 75-degree day. So where you might typically pull out the 9-iron, grab that frigid 8- or 7-iron instead. 

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