#Back9Philly 12th Hole: Love Sculpture

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The city of Brotherly Love’s most beloved landmark is LOVE itself. The “Love” sculpture was designed by American artist Robert Indiana. The red three-dimensional sculpture is made of COR-TEN and steel.  It was originally placed in the John F. Kennedy Plaza in 1976 to commemorate the United States Bicentennial celebration.  It was then removed in 1978.  However, since absence only makes the heart grow fonder, the “Love” returned to the plaza as a permanent fixture later that same year.

Since it overlooks the plaza, the Love sculpture spawned J.F.K. Plaza’s nickname, Love Park.  Directly behind the sculpture is the… you guessed it… Love Park fountain. The fountain is often dyed to commemorate or highlight special events such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month (pink), the Phillies World Series win (green), commemoration of fallen police officer (blue), etc.

Obviously the Love sculpture is a very significant point of interest in Philly.  It has an important connection to Philly’s name and image as the City of Brotherly Love.  Tourists come from around the world and have their photo taken in front of the sculpture (hopefully with a loved one,) making it a popular attraction while bringing people together… awww LOVE!  

To pay a visit and experience the love in Philly, head to John F. Kennedy Plaza, northwest of City Hall (15th St. and John F. Kennedy Boulevard).  You can’t miss the giant red LOVE letters and Love Park Fountain. 

Perhaps Tiger and Sergio should visit the Love Statue together. 

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