#Back9Philly 13th Hole: Restaurants & Bars

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Philadelphia is famous for a few things, one of those being its bar and restaurant scene. From cheesesteaks and pizza to upscale Italian and sushi, the city offers something for everyone.

And then there are those rabid Philly fans that fill the sports bars, where local brews are constantly flowing from taps.

Everything comes together at Xfinity Live!, a sports fan’s paradise located in the South Philadelphia Sports Complex. With sports bars, restaurants and even an old-school beer garden, Xfinity Live! has everything you need in one place. Even better, there are plans to build a hotel and add some retail shops in the future.


So if you’re planning a visit to “The Quaker City,” read about the best places to grab a bite to eat, drink a beer or two, and catch a game on an oversized TV. You’ve got plenty of options.

13th Hole Features:

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