Back9Rewind: A Look Back at Our Best Stories of 2013 (Part 2)

The year 2013 brought us numerous first-time major winners: Adam Scott at the Masters, Justin Rose and the U.S. Open, Jason Dufner with the PGA Championship. Phil Mickelson won a major too, Tiger Woods was the best player in the world, and Rory McIlroy was far from it.

But were those the biggest stories in golf this year? To a degree, yes. However, what players do on the course isn’t always the biggest news.

Let’s take a look back, then, and revisit the best stories of 2013 on

Bubba’s Hovercraft
Bubba Watson is no stranger to the eccentric, hence the awesomeness that ensued when he teamed up with a crew at Oakley to design a hovercraft golf cart.

– Bubba Watson’s Hovercraft Golf Cart

Rickie Fowler is a Crime Fighter

Rickie Fowler is often up to some sort of antics on YouTube, but nothing tops his transformation into a private investigator named “Dick Fowler.”

– Rickie Fowler Introduces Kick-Ass Alter Ego Dick Fowler P.I.
– Dick Fowler P.I. Is Back: Driver vs. Driver
– Dick Fowler P.I. Bitten By the Love Trap

Tiger and Nike
Tiger Woods re-upped with Nike this year, continuing a relationship that’s been ongoing for more than 17 years. There have been many memorable moments.

– Tiger Woods & Nike: A Look Back

GoPro Meets Golf
GoPro cameras may have been created with extreme athletes in mind. But golfers can get creative too.

– GoPros take Golf by Storm

Ben Hogan’s Famous 1-Iron Comes Out at Merion
Back9Network’s Matt Adams was given special dispensation to recreate Ben Hogan’s immortal shot with the famous club.

– Ben Hogan & Famous 1-Iron

Drafting Golfers for Hoops
You may have noticed, but we like to have a little fun at Back9Network. So when the NBA Draft came around over the summer, we held a draft too — of golfers based on their real or imagined basketball skills.

– 2013 PGA Basketball Draft

Tiger Woods’ Curse

Tiger Woods is far and away the most popular golfer on the planet. Thus, his moves on a golf course are recorded far more than any other players’. Many of them curse after a bad shot, but not all of them are surrounded by cameras when they do so.

– Dammit Tiger, Curse Away!

Remembering John F. Kennedy
On that terrible day in November 1963, when President Kennedy was assassinated, golf was the only professional sport actually playing when the incident happened.

– November 22, 1963: Day Golf Played On

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