Back9Rewind: A Look Back at Our Best Stories of 2013

The year 2013 brought us numerous first-time major winners: Adam Scott at the Masters, Justin Rose and the U.S. Open, Jason Dufner with the PGA Championship. Phil Mickelson won a major too, Tiger Woods was the best player in the world, and Rory McIlroy was far from it.

But were those the biggest stories in golf this year? To a degree, yes. However, what players do on the course isn’t always the biggest news.

Let’s take a look back, then, and revisit the best stories of 2013 on

Baba Booey Brings Howard Stern Into Golf World
Shouts from fans immediately following a player hitting his ball has been common for years. But this summer there seemed to be an increase in use of the phrase, “Baba Booey!”

– Who Is Baba Booey and Why Do Golf Fans Yell That Name?
– Howard Stern Is Good For Golf
– Jason Dufner Chats With Howard Stern
– Keegan Bradley on Howard Stern Wrap-Up Show

Tiger, Rory Mic’d Up for The Match

It’s not often that the world’s two most popular golfers agree to a one-on-one match. But Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy agreed to a face-off for the second straight year in 2013, and agreed to wear microphones for the world to hear their in-match chatter.

– Tiger/Rory Match at Mission Hills
– Video: Tiger, Rory and Ahmad Uncensored at Mission Hills

Brandel Chamblee Implies Tiger is a Cheater
As years and seasons end, it’s popular for media outlets to hand out awards or grades. Brandel Chamblee, a columnist for and analyst for the Golf Channel, dished out grades in an online column and one in particular raised a furor. 

– Brandel Chamblee’s Hatred For Tiger Bad for Golf
– Brandel Chamblee, Why Do You Hate Tiger Woods?

Jason Dufner Unintentionally Sets Off Internet Meme
Few people set out to start an internet craze. Surely that wasn’t on Jason Dufner’s mind when he visited a group of kids in April and someone snapped a photo of him slouching against a wall.

– Jason Dufner’s Bizarre Photo Starts Internet Craze
– Dufnering Photo Gallery

Sergio Garcia Starts Spat With Tiger Woods
It began when Sergio Garcia grew annoyed while playing with Tiger Woods at the Players Championship. It went down an unnecessary path when Garcia stepped over the line.

– Tiger-Sergio Spat Not Funny Anymore
– Back9 in 90 – Sergio Garcia’s Comment

There’s a New Woods in Golf
Cheyenne Woods Remixes Uncle Tiger's Classic Nike Ad

Tiger Woods has been a part of hundreds of press conferences over the years. Reporters sometimes try to catch him off guard. One reporter succeeded at the U.S. Open — but it wasn’t because of the question; it was because of who asked the question.

– Cheyenne Catching Tiger Off Guard
– Cheyenne Woods Remixes Uncle Tiger’s Classic Nike Ad

Honoring Our Nation’s Veterans
There are countless ways to honor the valiant men and women who fight for our country’s freedom — even by golfing.

– Let Freedom Swing
– From Sea to Shining Sea: One Military Veteran’s Golf Quest

Crazy Golf Shots
Wouldn’t we all like to tee off from the world’s longest and highest par 3 in the world? Or hit the craziest shot ever? Well, at least there’s video of other people doing so.

– Extreme 19th: The World’s Toughest Par 3
– Inside Look at the Best Shot Ever

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