Does It Drive?

At a top-secret testing facility nestled deep in the woods of Connecticut, Back9Network’s Charles Everett has assembled a crack team of researchers. Each week, Charles and his team are assigned a new item and posed with the same, simple question: Does It Drive? 

Charles and his team break down the science behind drivability and apply it to objects found in everyday life. iPhone? Drove that. Hostess cupcake? Drove that too. You get the idea. The “Does It Drive” crew will tee up just about anything and hit it with a driver. The results aren’t always pretty … but are sure to be fascinating.

Does It Drive: JELL-O

Does It Drive: Onyx Moonshine

Does It Drive: Red Bull

Does It Drive – Season 1 Highlights 

Does It Drive – Season 1 Episodes:
– Hot Pockets vs. Lean Pockets
– Axe vs. Old Spice
– Whopper vs. Big Mac
– Playstation 4 vs. Xbox One
– The Flying Feast
– Cassette vs. Compact Disk
 –The Hardest Drive
– Halloween Hack-A-Thon
– Red Sox vs. Cardinals
– Trial By Fire
– Busch vs. Busch Lite
– Taco Bell vs. Chipotle
– iPhone vs. Blackberry

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