DraftKings Lets You Get In On Weekly PGA Tour Action

We’ve all been there. 

It’s only part of the way through the season and you’re out of it. Due to your lack of attention, focus on the kids and otherwise questionable roster moves, you’re cooked. Put a fork in you — the fantasy season is lost.

Regardless of if you’re playing fantasy football, baseball or golf — once you’re out, you’re out.

Fortunately for those of us who don’t necessarily make the right roster moves — as well as those of us who find it much more satisfying to draft rather than manage, DraftKings is here with a daily fix to our fantasy obsession.

Based in the U.S. and 100-percent legal, DraftKings offers daily and weekly fantasy sports contests. Rather than being stuck with the players on your roster for an entire season, you get them for a day or a week at most. Best of all? There’s real cash to win.

DraftKings has quickly become the marquee daily fantasy option available for sports fans. Through August, the startup had raised $75 million in outside financing and it’s easy to see why. The model is one that competitive sports fans enjoy — and keep coming back for.

We tested our luck at DraftKings’ football and golf games. What we noticed first was the impressive amount of games available. They ranged from $2 entries to upwards of $530. While most games fall into the $25-$50 price point, you can play games with an entry fee of $1,060. The payouts are what keep you coming back, though, 

Payouts playing DraftKings range from — are you ready for this? — $0-$1 million!

Indeed, there’s a DraftKings game for everyone — even this lowly fantasy wannabe.

I checked out two types of games: a weekly football game and a golf event. While my selections weren’t good enough to get me into the money, I undoubtedly enjoyed every second of — more so than the traditional form of fantasy. 

In football, I tried my hand at the $100,000 NFL Wild Card weekend action. While I’m proud to say I finished in the 50th percentile — of the massive 57,000-player game — it wasn’t enough to earn me cash. Although, DraftKings paid out the top 11,500 finishers with $10,000 going to the victor.

This past weekend, I played a little golf. And my fantasy game was about as rusty as my actual golf game, which means I didn’t have much success. 

Like other sports, golf on DraftKings golf is played with competitors filling their rosters with $50,000 sitting as the salary cap. Your six-man roster is then put up against fellow players — and their six-man squads — with points being awarded for scores on each hole as well as where the golfer finished that week.

Additional points are awarded for golfers that streak (three straight birdies or better), go bogey-free for a round, stay under par throughout the event and, of course, record a hole-in-one.

Each week, contests run and rosters are allowed until five minutes before the start of the first round.

To learn more about DraftKings and get in on the action, visit DraftKings.com.


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