Five 2013 Masters Takeaways: #Tigerdrop

2. #Tigerdrop

The Masters - Round Two

For the second time this season, Tiger Woods misinterpreted the Rules of Golf. On Friday, he took an improper drop at the par-5 15th after his third shot unfortunately struck the flagstick and ricocheted into the guarding pond. 

Augusta National reviewed the TV footage of Woods’ drop and deemed he had not broken Rule 26-1, which says he must drop “as close as possible” to the original spot of his third shot. Then several viewers called, suggesting Woods did break the rule, and Woods admitted he dropped his ball “two yards behind” the original spot. Sensing they may have gotten it wrong, the rules committee invoked Rule 33-7, not disqualifying Woods for signing for an incorrect score and merely assessing a two-stroke penalty for the bad drop. 

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Our Ryan Ballengee offers a unique perspective.

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