Lower Your Scores with SwingShot

When was the last time you took a video of your golf swing?

For the majority of amateur golfers, the answer to that question is “never!” Trust me; I don’t blame you. Looking at your golf swing on camera is about as scary as it gets, and that’s after you find a camera and tripod to do the job. Limbs are flying everywhere, there are a bunch of weird noises… it’s a scene right out of National Geographic, to be honest.

Luckily, the creators of SwingShot have solved this problem admirably. This unique camera/tripod combo is easy to use, state-of-the-art and conveniently fits in your golf bag. What more could you want?


Here are five reasons why the SwingShot should be in your golf bag this season.

Provides Access to the Most Valuable Training Tool in Golf

Looking at your swing! No gadget, gimmick or swing fix will ever improve your game as much as looking at your current swing on video first. Besides, how else will you know if you’ve improved your swing unless you’ve never seen it?

Smartphones aren’t good video cameras

“But Adam, I already have a video camera on my phone!” Stop it. We’re not talking about taping puppies and kittens, folks. We’re talking about Grade-A golf instruction. Get the tools that do the job. SwingShot is it.

Other video cameras are too costly and clumsy

Woah big fella, I didn’t mean you should go out and drop thousands of dollars on an HD camera. What happens if you drop and break the thing? Will you even know how to use it? The SwingShot is both affordable, starting at $199.99 and easy to use.  And even better, there’s a money-back guarantee!


The SwingShot has some pretty fancy camera features

We’re talking HD picture, slow-motion capture and a bunch of other awesome features that are custom-made for high performing video instruction. You simply won’t get that from your run-of-the-mill video camera or camcorder.

Watch your swing on any compatible TV!

That means no more straining to watch a small video on an itty bitty camera viewfinder. The SwingShot connects to most modern televisions, allowing you to cry at your horrible golf swing from the comfort of your own couch.

Try it and if not satisfied, return within 30 days!

Click for more info and use promo code BACK9 for free shipping!