Massive Gator Resurfaces For The Holidays

An unexpected 15-foot guest showed up just in time for the holidays this year. Earlier this week, a massive alligator who seems to be a regular at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course located in Palmetto, Florida, resurfaced catching the attention of golfers and news outlets alike.

“He is big… He’s unbelievable,” said Dave Staples who plays the course frequently, according to WTSP 10 News. Staples says he’s been lucky enough to see the great beast affectionately known as Chubbs from the golf cult comedy Happy Gilmore, a handful of times.

So why exactly did this gator show up now? “These cooler nights, they have to come out and get warm in the sunlight the next day otherwise they’re not going to be mobile and able to digest food properly,” said Damen Hurd, VP of Wildlife, Inc., at Mixon Fruit Farms.

The world was first introduced to Chubbs back in May when this video went viral for obvious reasons – look at the size of him! 



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