12-Year-Old Inventor Solves A Chilling Problem

Cigars dry out, wine goes bad sitting on the shelf, and cold golf balls go nowhere. Over the eons, man has (mostly) found some incredible solutions to circumvent nature with exceptionally useful inventions like the humidor and bag-in-the-box wine.  And now, finally, we have an answer for cold golf balls.

While demonstrating his breakthrough product on a recent edition of “The Ellen Show,” 12-year-old inventor Peyton Robertson gave a detailed scientific explanation about how the cold weather affects the performance of the golf ball.

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While its legality, like the rules of golf, may be “fuzzy,” this looks like a must-have for any golf nut still out in the winter cold trying to grind out the final rounds of a long season. I mean, you’re probably already playing “winter rules,” so why not take the advantage of heating your golf balls up before a round? It’s no different than the Colorado Rockies putting their baseballs in a humidor so they don’t fly as far, right?

This isn’t the young inventor’s first impressive breakthrough either. His Sandless Operational Sandbag (SOS) earned him the title of “America’s 2013 Top Young Scientist” after he won the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge.

H/T Kyle Porter, CBSSports.com

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