9 Things Every Golfer Should Be Thankful For

Since November is the month of gratitude, and the month that many golfers around the nation will have to put their golfing on hold, it’s a good time to reflect on your golf game. Think about how you grew as a golfer, what you could have done better and how you’ll use the winter to improve your performance. 

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More than anything else, it’s a time to think about what aspects of golf you’re thankful for.

Warm Weather

Be thankful that you were able to get a great amount of golf in during the summer. You enjoyed the great weather, amazing courses, ups and downs during the last season. Your game improved, you had a lot of fun and got to know your friends and family a little better, all while discovering some new golf courses. Be thankful for last summer and look forward to the next summer.


Local Golf Courses

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you don’t live too far from a golf course. There are some places in the world where golf is rarely even heard of, let alone played. You likely live in a place that allows you to choose from multiple golf courses, all of which are in a reasonable driving distance from your residence. Look for discounted tee times online and take advantage of them.


Have you ever golfed with old school golf clubs? It’s not nearly as easy or enjoyable as the clubs that we currently use. Not only has club technology advanced, but golf balls fly further, roll smoother and have better overall performance than golf balls of the past. You can use your smartphone to determine distance to the cup and to know which club to use.

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Golf coaches have seen swings ranging from Charles Barkley to Tiger Woods. They have the patience and the dedication to help you become a better golfer and develop and improve your swing. They are an incredibly underrated part of the game and deserve to be thanked.

The PGA Tour

Watching the PGA tour is an awesome way to spend a weekend. Although the season has ended, you can go back and re-watch some of the best moments from the past season and do some research on who the up and coming golfers are going to be. The major tournaments provided some new household names and great memories. You have the next season to look forward to, also.


The LPGA Tour

For the ladies, they can follow the LPGA. There is some great golf played, and you can watch your heroes, role models and favorite golfers of the female gender show off their talents. It may not be as popular as the PGA, but it produces some exciting moments and excellent golf.


Hauling your clubs around everywhere would be incredibly annoying and it would put a strain on your back and shoulders were it not for caddies. But what people don’t realize is that caddies do much more than just lug around your clubs; they give you advice on how to play the hole, which club to use and where you should aim your shot. Behind every good golfer is a good caddie.

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Accessible Port-o-Potties

Let’s be real, nobody wants to golf a full 18 and not be able to go to the bathroom. Having those small bathrooms on the side of every few tees can be a lifesaver. Port-o-potties are something that golfers take for granted and should definitely be thankful for.


Golf has given you some great memories over the years. It gives you a reason to skip work and enjoy the good weather with your family and friends, as well as get some exercise. It’s a leisure sport that almost anyone can play, and it requires a lot of mental exercise, too. Golfers should be thankful for the sport they love, and the ability to play and follow it every spring and summer.

Phil Oscarson is a long-time freelance golf writer. He’s still trying to convince my wife to let him install a putting green in his backyard. Follow him at @PhilOscarson.

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