Back9 Certified: New England Patriots QB Tom Brady

Gather around children, because I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

I’m quite possibly the biggest Tom Brady fan in the Midwest. Since I live in Chicago among thousands of meathead Chicago Bears fans, my love of the New England Patriots and Mr. Brady forces me into seclusion during the NFL regular season.

That is, until the playoffs, (and usually the Super Bowl), where my team normally plays. Boom.

Tom Brady has blessed us with a number of incredible moments throughout his career, each with a unique look and style. Here is a list of just nine of those moments, with the understanding that I could have included dozens more.

1) Brady’s “Hello World” Moment – Not unlike Tiger Woods’ press conference in August of 1996, Brady burst onto the public scene during a 2001 playoff game against the Oakland Raiders to lead the Patriots to a classic overtime victory. In that game – his first career postseason contest — Brady threw for 312 yards and introduced the world to an emerging legend.

2) The First Super Bowl Ring – Years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice finally paid off for Brady later that 2001 postseason in the form of his first Super Bowl victory. The elation on his face was evident as he stood on the championship podium, providing one of the most genuine moments in all of sports.


3) The Football Fashion Icon – With success comes notoriety, and for Brady that came in the form of hundreds of fashion shoots for publications like GQ, Vogue and others. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a handsome fellow in addition to being one of the best quarterbacks in history.

V Magazine

Courtesy: V Magazine

4) Never Letting Up – After winning three Super Bowls in his career, you would think a football player would sit back and relax. Not Tom Brady. His intensity is evident on the sidelines of every game he plays, often screaming at his team to catch up to his level. It is a rarity seen on teams of any sport, including golf.

5) Tom Brady the Golfer – Did you know Tom is also one hell of a golfer? As of 2012, Brady proudly boasts a 6.4 handicap index and participates in many celebrity pro-ams throughout the offseason. Good looks, a supermodel wife, three Super Bowl rings and a great golf swing? Jealousy doesn’t describe my emotion.

Steve Marino: Golfing with Tom Brady

Entourage: Tom Brady Plays Golf with Johnny Drama (NSFW)

6) Dedication to His Team – In 2008, Brady blew out his ACL in what can only be described as one of the darkest moments in Patriot history. But did that slow him down? No. Instead, he helped mentor back-up QB Matt Cassel, who in turn lead the team to an 11-win season.


7) Dedication to the Community – Brady is also a shining example of how a professional athlete should give back to his community. His Best Buddies charity and support for dozens more organizations is well-documented and an inspiration to sports fans everywhere.


8) The Face of a Sport – In his 14 years of being an NFL quarterback, Tom Brady has cemented himself as a pro football legend. His career resume rivals that of any football great, past or present. He’s become one of the most recognizable public figures in the world while maintaining a down-to-earth persona. Which leads me to…


9) Tom Brady, Family Man – Let’s be honest. Professional athletes can often be a bit lacking in the family loyalty department. Not Brady. Happily married to Gisele Bundchen and father to three children, it’s evident that the football legend will do anything for his family.


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