BASE Jumping Meets Golf with Jeff Provenzano

There are extreme sports, like BASE jumping and skydiving. Then there’s golf. Not really close to the same thing.

Unless you’re Jeff Provenzano, that is.

So my buddy/fellow @RedBull athlete @jeffprovenzano plays golf a little differently than I do…was that a par 3 or par 4?? #BaseGolf #GivesYouWings

A professional BASE jump and skydive athlete, Provenzano is one of the few people who can accurately say, “Red Bull gives you wings.” He’s sponsored by the iconic energy drink company, as is pro golfer Rickie Fowler, hence the reason Fowler posted the video.

Fowler might want to wait for golf’s offseason, but we could envision him taking an extreme golf trip with Provenzano. After all, Fowler describes himself as an “action sport adrenaline junkie stuck in a golfer’s body.”

Or if Fowler’s not keen on rappelling down cliffs, maybe they could just play Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Ariz.? Provenzano knows how to make an entrance there:

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