March Madness: Is This The Greatest Trick Shot Video Ever?

Golf trick shot videos are fantastic all by themselves, but when you add in the element of another sport, it takes the whole endeavor to another level. In this must-see video, YouTube sensation Legendary Shots teams up with the Bryan Bros to bring us an insane hybrid of basketball and golf.

Watch and be amazed!

There are so many shots out there that make you think, “How in the world did they pull that off?!” Seriously. How about this skip-shot across the pond? Or the basketball from the top of the hill? The list goes on and on.

This may or may not be the best golf trick shot video we’ve ever seen from the Bryan Bros (and we’ve seen a lot of great videos from the Bryan Bros). But then again, none have looked as good as this classic:

Dream Team: Meghan Hardin Meets The Bryan Bros.


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