Biggest Fan? Man Names Child After Keegan Bradley

Keegan Bradley has a lot of fans. More than 267,000 followers on Twitter. More than 34k on Instagram. And we’re fond of the guy, too, here at Back9.

But naming a child after the New Englander? If that were ever our intention, we got beat to the punch. Craig King of the U.K. named his son Keegan Bradley King on Wednesday.

Bradley heeded the man’s wishes and promptly retweeted. That’s all King was hoping for, yet because some people love to spew hate on social media, he was also criticized for his decision.

When the wife offers to name your child after an athlete, you don’t ask questions. You just jump on that chance because the more she thinks about it, the more her friends will try to talk her out of it. But once it’s on the birth certificate, it’s official.

Well done, King. Don’t listen to the haters. Congrats on your newborn son, and may his first words be “Baba Booey!

h/t Cleveland Golf

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