Brandel Chamblee (Sort Of) Apologizes to Tiger Woods On Air

More than two weeks after Brandel Chamblee insinuated that Tiger Woods was a cheater in a column written for, the Golf Channel analyst has addressed the situation on air.

He spoke Wednesday evening on “Golf Central.”

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“In offering my assessment of Tiger’s year, and specifically looking at the incidents in Abu Dhabi, Augusta, Ponte Vedra and Chicago, I said Tiger Woods was ‘cavalier’ about the rules. And I should have stopped right there,” Chamblee said.

“In comparing those incidents to my cheating episode in the fourth grade, I went too far. Cheating involves intent. Now I know what my intent was on that fourth grade math test, but there was no way I could know with 100 percent certainty what Tiger Woods’ intent was in any of those situations. That was my mistake.”

While he never said the word “sorry,” Chamblee did express regret. He had previously apologized via Twitter, but many people in the golf world felt that wasn’t sincere enough. If he was truly sorry, they wanted to hear him say it publicly.

Whether or not this puts the squabble to rest remains to be seen. Woods’ agent at one time considered legal action, others speculated that Woods would boycott interviews with the Golf Channel, and still others believed Chamblee should be fired.

While Chamblee can be commended for addressing the situation publicly, it’s unlikely that the saga is over.

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