Bryan Bros. Take Target Practice On Friend Danny

The Bryan Bros. never seem to run out of clever ideas on which to build their trick shot video series. Last time, they brought a ’69 Ford Mustang into the picture, and now they’re sending a friend out to sea. Actually, he’s just going out on a lake in a canoe, but it’s practically the same thing, right?

Among other great shots — like hitting a roll of duct tape off a post — their friend Danny sits in a canoe 155 yards out, attempting to catch golf balls that Wesley hits at him. And after that, Danny bravely holds up a target for Wesley and George to aim at — sans padding or protection.

It’s been said before and I’ll say it again: These guys are good.

And a big round of applause goes out to Danny for being the brave soul that he is. Not many people would be willing to hold up a target for someone to hit screaming golf balls at.


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