Update: Callaway Golf’s Big Bertha Is Back

You can’t argue with physics.

That is one of the many taglines associated with the return of Callaway Golf’s Big Bertha driver, one of the most popular golf clubs in the history of the game. Big Bertha returns on December 2nd. Update your Christmas list, folks.

I haven’t been this excited about a golf club release in decades. Like many of you reading this post, the Big Bertha driver was the first golf club I’ve ever owned. This rebirth is nostalgia at its finest.

Not much is known about the newest installment of the Big Bertha family; however the following teaser video released by Callaway includes a “cameo” by an animated Isaac Newton. That can only mean a whole new way to manipulate center-of-gravity specs on this driver.  That’s insane.

Photos have been leaked like crazy over the past few days of the newest Big Bertha, including this beauty that’s been floating around Twitter:


It appears there is a center-of-gravity “plug” of some kind that may or may not be customizable to your preference. An innovation of that magnitude will not only help you get the ball into the air easier than anything on the market, but it could make the new Big Bertha the easiest driver to hit.

UPDATE: Callaway has just released more information on their brand new Big Bertha driver. Somehow I’m even more excited.

The nuts and bolts of this club are ingenious. There are four main features that we should all be jumping for joy over:

1) Adjustable perimeter weighting. Unlike other adjustable drivers on the market, the Big Bertha combines a sliding weight and interchangeable weighted bolts to help customize your driver however you deem fit. 

2) Hyper speed face. Simply put, this driver’s face has multiple “sweet spots” throughout, meaning more distance no matter where you make contact. That’s exactly what you want in a total performance driver.

3) Fully-adjustable hosel. The new Big Bertha will allow golfers to adjust their loft and lie angle to further customize their game. Combined with the weighting options on the clubhead, this feature will please any golf nerd looking to take their game to the next level.

4) Forged composite head. Wrapping up the entire package is a lightweight, composite clubhead that promotes a forged-club feel. Not only will your golf ball fly distances you thought were impossible, but the Big Bertha will feel great in your hands while doing it.

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