Charles Barkley Tried Hypnosis, ‘Woke Up With Same Crappy Golf Swing’

I’m beginning to feel bad for Charles Barkley and his poor golf swing. The guy has tried everything and nothing can cure the infamous stutter in his swing.

Hank Haney couldn’t fix him.

Paul Azinger couldn’t fix him.

Heck, Sir Charles has even tried hypnosis to cure his inability to make a smooth pass at the ball. Sadly (and as expected), it didn’t work. He “took a good nap and woke up with the same sh***y golf swing.”

Maybe he should go back to the one-handed swing he tried at the American Century Championship in 2014. At least it wasn’t “turrible.”

He’ll figure it out someday. Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later because I’m dying to see Barkley talk trash on the course with the game to back it up.


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